5 Ways to increase customers during downtime

You are running your restaurant and it is doing well from 11am-2pm and 5-9pm but what do you do to increase business during those hours that you have to stay open like 2-5pm? Sitting around and just offering specials isn’t the best or only way you can increase business during those times. Check out these tips to help increase business during your more slow time during the day.

* Launch a campaign or a contest. Create a promotion on social media to increase exposure to something you have to offer. However don’t limit yourself to just an offer or information about your restaurant on social media. Go beyond and offer something attractive to your customers to achieve attention that is positive. Try using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any other type social media/messaging that your audience uses.

* Happy hour. This is a great strategy, normally between 4:00 pm  and 7:00 pm, those hours can change depending on the area. Be creative with the happy hour, it doesn’t have to be only drinks, you can include food also something special that the customer can only get during the happy hour.

* Quick sells. A quick sell works like this, put the plates half price for a short time. Use the social media promote the sell for a short time, this way it will motivate customers to come and purchase during that short period of time. You should use Facebook, Instagram any other social media to help promote the offer. With this quick sell you can gain more followers and increase sells in a short time.

* Persuasive Language. Your menu doesn’t just have to food items. You should look to make your menu more attractive as well as use images outside of your restaurant to increase awareness of your restaurant. Use words like limited edition to get customers to want to try out what you have to offer. Using this language in your menu and throughout your marketing efforts will help to attract customers.

* Create ads on Facebook. Encourages your clients to be interactive on social media, that way their friends will give likes to the pictures and begin to follow. If you don’t already have one create a business page on Facebook, if you do promote it! Facebook and other social media outlets are great ways to promote your company and attract customers. By creating an ad and targeting a certain customer base you will be able to get your targeted market to view your restaurant.


To have success you have to keep reading and studying new tactics, a successful restaurant is never satisfied. Keep looking for ways to keep improving. I hope these 5 steps help your business and if you have any questions I am here at your service.



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