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June 20 of 2018, during an event held in San Francisco (USA), Instagram announced that it exceeded the 1,000 million active monthly users worldwide. It is no coincidence that they released a new app for watching long-form, vertical video." In the company’s own announcement about IGTV, IGTV is basically Instagram: the extended edition.

The app was built for videos that are longer than 60 seconds. On one hand,it seems a little risky in a world of quickly digestible content. On the other hand, YouTube already exists, and it seems like IGTV is looking to compete with this video platform who’s already well positioned in the market.


How Do I Use IGTV?

First of all, users can access IGTV with either a personal or business Instagram account, through the Instagram app itself or through the IGTV standalone app.

In the Instagram app, click the IGTV icon in the upper right corner

IGTV is specifically built for your phone, which means that videos are full-screen and vertical. The app is optimized to work well with a device that you (probably) already use to take photos and videos every day.

IGTV is available for both iOS and Android users, so choosing between iPhones and Android handsets isn't necessary.


Why is IGTV important to your restaurant?

This Instagram feature can be very helpful for your restaurant, you can create a channel for the cuisine of your restaurant, showing the dishes you serve, a step-by-step process as you cook the meal and if you have a secret ingredient, be sure to keep it a secret, what’s happening at your restaurant, and possibly fun interviews with staff and customers.


How to use it for your restaurant?

Customers like to know how the things are working inside your restaurant. With things being more about the experience and not just the eating giving the customers a look inside your restaurant could create an intrigue that will encourage restaurant goers to come back more often. For example, here’s some ideas that you can develop in your channel restaurant.

Meet the staff: In this section you can present every member of your staff, so they can recognize, not only the people who serve them the food, but also the people behind the process.

New menu: In this section, you can create a poll of the new dishes you want to serve in your restaurant. By doing this people can feel that they are part of your restaurant and you will end up serving a dish that includes them. Creating this level of customer interaction will benefit your menu and the restaurant goers who will visit you for a meal.

Cooking lesson: Another way to create great content for your channel is to ask your followers what dish they would like to learn how to make or a dish that is a popular item on the menu. This way they will have an understanding of the recipe first hand, a great way to create a great community in your social media.


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