Increasing revenue during down time

While running a restaurant, you’ll always see an increase in patrons during prime lunch and dinner hours. But what about those off hours? How can you manage to bring customers into the restaurant and fill the gaps? This not only increases revenue but allows your employees to make more money as well. Here are a few tips for increasing customers during off peak hours.

Offer Specials For Slow Time

People are always interested in saving money. They often will go to restaurants early or later if they know there is a deal. Consider offering discounts or specials on food and drink items during off hours. Think of it as happy hour for food. Just make sure to promote the specials inside the restaurant, so when patrons come by they’ll learn about the discounts.

Special Events

If your restaurant is open later, yet you struggle to keep patrons inside, consider putting on special events. While you may not have the room or acoustics for live band performers, you can hold trivia nights, or even open mic nights. These activities bring people in, keeps them munching on food and drinks, and will help with how to increase customers.

Talk To Your Customers

If you have regular customers, talk to them and find out what they would like to see. They may surprise you with what they would be interested in and what would bring them in during off hours.

These are just a few of the tips on how to increase customers.


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