Why cash is king but how credit card processing can make your life easier

"Cash only" is the motto for many people who've had previous credit problems, don’t want to pay the fees associated with cards, or for whatever reason they just want to deal with cash only. While cash provides the business owner with a little more money in the bank, credit can play a valuable role in a business.

When you use credit card you can have this benefits:


Credit cards provide the best protection of any payment option out there. You’re not liable for fraudulent charges on a credit card, so you don’t have to worry about your card getting stolen or lost. Federal law and credit card fraud protection policies limit your liability for fraudulent charges made on a lost or stolen credit card.

Business owners have ways to accept credit cards in a safe way

  • EMV, also known as a chip card or a smart card, has become the global standard for credit and debit cards that’s based on microchip technology that was developed by Europay, MasterCard© and Visa© to enable acceptance of secure payment transactions

  • The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard was put into place to protect consumers and businesses by creating a certain regulatory framework that provides a universal standard for how to handle, use, and store credit card information.

  • Tokenization takes the sensitive sensitive data and replaces it with a randomly generated string of characters that can then be linked back to the original data only by an authorized party.

  • Biometric: this security method relies on biological identification measures that are unique to a particular individual, such as fingerprint scanning, iris/retina scanning, facial imaging, vein patterns, voice recognition, finger/hand geometry, DNA matching, and ear, gait, and/or odor recognition


With credit cards you don’t have to wonder whether the $20 bill is real or not. You just have to run the card and see if it goes through. This is a much faster and reliable way of knowing whether you are being paid appropriately.

Businesses pay fees to accept card payments. Typically, they pay a percentage of each transaction, and they might also face flat monthly charges as part of their merchant account. For credit card transactions, fees are often around 2 percent to 3 percent of your total purchase, bus some cards are more expensive than others.

Credit cards offer several benefits that you don’t get with debit cards. Cards with rewards, such as cash back and travel cards, are especially costly for merchants. Those benefits only go to a subset of card users, but the store owner pays for those benefits in the form of higher fees. When viewed another way, all of the other customers subsidize reward card users by paying higher prices.


As a business owner, when you don’t accept credit cards you’re potentially losing a sale because consumers are using cards more and carrying cash less. Here’s what you’re missing if you’re dragging your feet to accept cards.

  • More customers and more sales by accepting credit cards ensures that you offer the best customer experience possible  which makes people more likely to recommend your business to friends.

  • Believe it or not, buyer sentiment is moving to prefer more digital forms of payment, for speed and ease of use. In a recent Visa study, 78 percent of consumers ranked a digital payment method, like a card, as their most preferred payment option.

Accepting many different kinds of payment methods helps make sure that you’re a viable option every time, no matter what your customers have in their wallet.

Cash is king however accepting cash is not. As long as the cash gets to your bank account you are happy. As the ease of payment becomes more widely used by consumers as a business you need to prepare. When you don’t have to worry about taking money to the bank and depositing accepting cards is going to be a huge weight off your shoulder.


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