Wine and Food Pairing

Wine pairing can enhance the food and the experience of dining. To pair a wine with the right food can make any experience more enjoyable. I decided to create an article to help people take a look at wine and understand that it is more than just something to have with dinner.

What foods pair well with red wine

With light red wines and older reds, I suggest pairing with red meats like beef and lamb.

Red wine is based on mature fruits, spices, truffles and aromatics. These complex flavors create a unique tannin acid. This tannin acid makes it pair very well with red meat, like cow, bulls, ox etc. It also pairs well with black meat like deer. However they don’t pair well with fish.

In the red wine the tannin acid won’t pair well with sweet or salty, because those flavors make the wine more bitter and hard.

What foods pair well with white wine

With white wine we are going to be looking at poultry and fish. The reason is the tannin. The higher amount of tannin in a wine can interact poorly with the fish oils. Giving you a metallic aftertaste. Grilled chicken and turkey go very well with dry white wines, but not acid wines like classic atlantics.

However if you are eating a meatier type of fish then you can opt for a red but choose one that is lower in tannin like Pinot Noir.

For fish and poultry a good default can be champagne, Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.

What kind of wine can a share with a nice desert?

Chocolates and desserts, with a base of cacao or coffee, are perfect for pairing with a full bodied red wine, be careful to not choose one that is fruity, it has to have minerals.

Sweet desserts, goes with a nice red like Pinot Noir, a Shiraz or Grenache. Heck you can skip the dessert and just go for a nice ice wine!


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Wine and Food Pairing

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